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Employment agreements

As part of the employment process, you should also provide your future employee with an employment agreement. This is a document setting the terms of employment. Apart from position description, it should detail the "rules" of the business, such as employee entitlements, dispute settlement arrangements, dress code (if appropriate), etc. Always ensure that these "rules" do not conflict with any State/Territory or Commonwealth legislation.

The employment agreement should be signed and dated by both the employer and employee (and be duly witnessed).

You can develop your own employment agreement or, if you are a member of an association, ask if they have a standard form. Solicitors will also draft such agreements for you.

You can also use what is known as an Australian Workplace Agreement (AWAs), which is a template form developed by the Commonwealth Government’s Office of the Employment Advocate.

For more details about AWAs telephone 1300 366 632 (or contact www.oea.gov.au).

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