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Planning Controls

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Planning controls for home based business vary from Sate to State and in some States from local government area to local government area. An outline of the planning controls for each State is set out below.

In general, home based businesses are encouraged to establish in residential areas where there are no impacts on the amenity of surrounding property owners. Businesses typically need to be 'low key' and not cause problems by attracting excessive vehicle movements, creating noise and generally being involved in activities that disrupt the neighbourhood. In some instances a planning permit is required and in other instances a permit may not be required, it usually depends on the nature of the business in question, including things like the number of staff involved and the activities being carried out.

This information will be updated as we receive the relevant information.


State wide controls exist in Victoria for the operation of home based businesses. The Victorian controls set out conditions that a home based business (called a 'home occupation') must meet. A copy of these provisions is available as a Word document (Home_occupation_18_june.doc).

In some circumstances a planning permit is not required, in other circumstances a permit is required and some business proposals may be prohibited outright (for example servicing motor vehicles). Although the controls are State wide they are administered by local Councils. You should contact your local Council for more information and to confirm whether your business requires a planning permit.

New South Wales

To be advised.


The controls over home based business in Queensland vary from Council to Council. However, the controls for Brisbane City Council apply throughout Brisbane City and are outlined here.

Further information to come.

Australia Capital Territory

The planning provisions of the ACT allows home occupations and home based business to operate from residential premises subject to certain planning criteria being met.

The policy is based on a principle that a range of occupations and businesses can operate from home so long as their environmental impact does not interfere with local residential amenity.

Planning approval is not required if certain planning criteria are met. An outline of the provisions is set out at the ACT government website: ACT Government > Urban Services > PALM

South Australia

To be advised.

Northern Territory

To be advised.


The planning controls for home based business in Tasmania are controlled and administered by each local government authority. You should contact your local Council for an overview of those controls.

Western Australia

To be advised.

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