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No business should commence without having a trusted accountant who is used to supporting the Micro business sector. Many businesses only use their accountant for taxation purposes, but accountants should be advisers, or have a network of advisers to refer clients to. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials to ensure that the accountant you are about to use, does in fact service the Micro sector.

So many businesses could be more successful, or save themselves the heartache of failure, if only they used an accountant regularly, and if the accountant they choose is able to offer advice and ‘speak the right language’.

If you belong to a support organisation, they can usually recommend accountants to suit your needs.

Bank Manager

Everyone complains about banks. But businesses can’t function without one.

It is important to insist on creating a personal contact with the manager. Insist on being treated as a person, not a number.

Decide on what things are important to you and negotiate services to suit your requirements (eg you might insist that a cheque is never bounced, and that you receive a phone call to give you a chance to rectify the problem).

If you can’t get the service you want, then try another bank, and let each bank know that you are looking for one to suit your needs.


There are many consultants specialising in specific areas of business that can be of assistance. There are general business advisers and those offering support in such areas as marketing, finances, and imaging.

Most micro businesses do not use consultants because of a perception that :

  1.     They are too costly
  2.     They do not guarantee results

There is certainly a need in the market place for these consultants. However to target the Micro market, they will have to change the way they do business and re consider the total ‘package’ of what they offer.


There are areas where the use of a solicitor is essential. Advice prior to commencing a partnership or signing a contract could be very beneficial. However, once again, many Micro businesses shy away from solicitors because of the cost.

Don’t be afraid to tell a solicitor that cash is a problem, and (if you are able) that you will in fact write up contracts, agreements etc, and get them to checked by the solicitor. Make sure they are written in plain English – if you have to have some phrase explained to you, then possibly it can be written differently.

Having a solicitor who understands you and your needs, is worth the time it takes to find one. Start with ‘word of mouth’ or a referral from the business network you belong to.

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