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Creating a database

A database is a collection of names and details of your contacts. These names are usually people you have had direct contact with, eg. People you have surveyed, people who are your customers, people you have been introduced to or networked with and suppliers. As customer service is so essential to the success of your business, a database becomes the main tool for you to gather information on and service your customers.

The most important details on a database are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Who introduced you (or how the contact was made)

You can also add:

  • Details of what was actually purchased
  • Date of the purchase
  • Value of the purchase

To create a database you can use a card system in a box. These can be purchased from an office supply outlet, or you can make your own. The cards usually get sorted alphabetically by the customer’s last name or the company name.

A more efficient method is by using a computer. The advantage of a computer database is that it has built into it a number of ways for you to find specific information quickly. For example, by using;

  • keywords
  • purchase dates
  • geographical areas

There are many ways you can use the information on your database to promote your business and develop marketing strategies

Customer service
Targeting customers
Marketing strategies
Creating a database

Networking groups
The Internet
 Council Networks, Events, Functions


Computer assistance


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