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It is useless having a fax machine when a client has to ring you first to ask you to switch it on. Many businesses send faxes out of hours, particularly if interstate on different time zones, so you don’t want your phone ringing beside your bed, particularly if you are in it asleep!

It is important to either have a dedicated line for your fax, or have a phone that automatically switches to fax after three or four rings.

Today fax machines are dramatically cheaper that when the technology was first available. You may purchase plain paper faxes or faxes that use a roll of thermal paper that the machine cuts into individual pages. It is important to remember thermal paper will fade completely after a period of time and important documents arriving by fax should be photocopied before the fax starts to fade.

You may also send faxes directly from your computer if it is connected to a modem and has faxing software. Some computer systems (such as Apple Macintosh MacOS) come with this software already available.

This facility offers the following benefits:

  • it can be a great time- and paper-saver, since you don't have to first print a document and then feed it into the fax machine, you just "print" to the fax software.
  • It allows you to create lists of fax numbers that you can send group faxes to, for example, to clients for promotional or announcement purposes.

The only situation when you would still need to fax manually is if you have to sign a form or document before faxing.



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Sending faxes from computer


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